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LAYLA FANUCCI International Artist

Layla Fanucci is an international artist and author most famous for her unique cityscape paintings exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. Fanucci has developed her own signature style of art inspired by the beautiful cities she’s traveled to throughout the world. Indeed this artist’s life story embodies her own passionate and successful approach to her work. Fanucci's paintings have been exhibited in many galleries and museums. The Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York, The Christopher Hill Gallery in Saint Helena, Andrews Art Museum in North Carolina, Chasen Gallery in Virginia, Le Musee de Marrakech in Morocco, Jayson Samuel Gallery, Lisa Freedman Fine Arts, 750 Wines Studio, VAM Art Inc. Gallery, Carrousel du Louvre Paris. France.  She has received many commissions and her work is in numerous private collections.

Art tours at Charter Oak can be scheduled by appointment at 707-812-4609 or 707-963-2298.

Website: www.laylafanucci.com

New York Central Park Opus 555

69 x 75
Oil on Linen

Paris Opus II

26 X 48
Oil on Linen

Wall Street

57 x 67
Oil on Linen

Streets of Paris Opus 56

48 x 53
Oil on Linen


72 x 96
Oil on Linen

New York Stock Exchange

74 x 62
Oil on Linen

Montmartre Opus 2

48 X 48
Oil on Linen

Wall Street Opus 5

37 X 49
Oil on Linen
Prague Opus I Brooklyn Bridge Opus II

Prague Opus I

30 X 30
Oil on Canvas

Brooklyn Bridge Opus II

30 X 40
Oil on Canvas
New York Stock Exchange Opus 66
Rome Opus 2010

New York Stock Exchange Opus 66

44 X 57
Oil on Canvas

Rome Opus 2010

30 X 46
Oil on Canvas

Paris Opus 28

37 x 42
Oil on Canvas

London Opus 5

25 x 37
Oil on Canvas

Venice Opus 66

61 x 71
Oil on Linen

City of the World Opus III

198 x 96
Oil on Linen

Brooklyn Bridge Opus 57

47 x 50
Oio, on canvas

Paris Opus 999

Oil on Canvas
69 x 72

City of the World Opus 2015

61 x 75
Oil on canvas

Striking a Creative Note:
Passion to Process



Layla Fanucci is an artist and entrepreneur, renowned for her signature style of cityscape paintings. Topic, the business of ART, follow your passion.


– Now Her Pieces Sell for $100,000

An excerpt from Marlo Thomas’ new book “It Ain't Over Till It's Over,” is about California music teacher Layla Fanucci, who simply wanted to paint a picture to fill a space on her wall, and wound up unleashing a hidden talent that's now earning her millions.

June 4, 2014



CNN features Layla Fanucci in a segment titled Passions to Portfolio

December 2014



Award-winning actress and best-selling author Marlo Thomas encourages people to reinvent themselves and pursue their dreams in her new book “It Ain’t Over…Til It’s Over.” Cinnamon Bowser, founder of Nail Taxi, and artist Layla Fanucci share how they created successful businesses.

April 7, 2014
The Today Show


In this beautiful, hardbound, coffee table book, Valerie Gladstone writes the inspiring story of Internationally renowned artist, Layla Fanucci.

From her early childhood influences inspiring her beginning roots as a singer, musician and teacher, we follow Layla through her life and her marriage to Robert Fanucci as they build their lives together in the Napa Valley. A tax attorney by day, Robert Fanucci is also a winemaker who has built a successful, award-winning winery following the traditions handed down by to him by his grandfather.

We learn how she developed her own unique style that has helped her achieve international recognition as an artist and an innovator. We spend 'A Day in the Life Of the Artist' and her winemaking family, where we take a tour of their winery and art studio.

To purchase visit: http://www.laylafanucci.com/book.html
Layla Fanucci, Artist website: http://www.laylafanucci.com/

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